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Elcom develops and manufactures:

  • flexible membrane control panels ( switches) with built-in light-emitting diodes and membranes, with flexible assembled cables and printed circuit boards;
  • flexible circuit boards for full-motion keyboards;
  • front panels, including dash-board auto panels with device combination;
  • nameplates, labels, guaranteed sealing;
  • labels with polymeric surface;
  • advertising production.

We work with European materials, on up-to-date equipment, according to design and technical standards, that guarantees high quality of our products.

Our products are on the market not only in Russia, but abroad. Many companies that had ordered keyboards and front panels in Europe, now work with us.

Our products are widely used in:

  • cash registers and scales;
  • machine's with digital programmable control;
  • checking, operating, and recording devices;
  • medical devices;
  • consumer appliances - microwave ovens, telephones, remote controls, and etc.;
  • guard systems.

Elcom is the company that manufactures broad range of production in different volumes from one piece to 10000 thousand, and more. For every client we find its own technical solution and individual approach. We try to maintain two-way communication with our customers by responding to all their wishes.

There are more than 50 emplyees in the company. The main stuff has more than 10 years of expirience in this field. Older and younger generation work in the same team.

Elcom conducts a big research with post-graduates from MSU, MEI, and D. I. Mendeleev's RCTU.

A big client database, close profitable contacts with domestic and foreign partners, search for new technologies, its scientific development and testing, high quality material and technical equipment, participation in advertising campaigns, and also a team of progressive, energetic, purposeful employees - thats all allows Elcom to be informed about electronic components of the world.

Our Address: 111020, Moscow, ul. Borovaya, d.7, str. 7.

(495) 360-18-07; 360-18-71; 632-39-93; 632-39-95; 225-96-59.



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